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Homeless, Guns, and a Special Animal Guest Star

Fairfax County Police responding to a report of shots fired into a home in the 2000 block of Cherri Drive in Falls Church on February 29 found a homeless man squatting in a vacant house scheduled for demolition, along with several handguns and a six-foot python.

Michael Stride, of no fixed address, was arrested and charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling. The python, whose name was not given, is currently at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

Picture shows Animal Control Officer (ACO) Siobhan Chase getting acquainted with one of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter's newest residents.

Location: Falls Church


our new district police officer has visited rural area to observe law enforcement condition in less developed area that is a good sign to keep peace mission
Location: Darkhana

Police Advice Landlord to vacate two tenants.

A Police man of okoko police station advice a landlord to vacate two of his tenants because of the usual fights they engage their self in. The Police man said both of them have reported their self to the station more than fifteen times in the last three years, as such he will advice the landlord to vacate both of them so as not to cause threat of life to each others.
Location: Okokomaiko

(Update) Police raid Lottery shop

(Updated) Men of the Nigeria Police Force raid a lottery shop at Olodan, oke oja ijora. Reasons for the raiding were due to the facts that the commuters reported that most of the people playing lottery in the said shops are hoodlums and they disturb the peace of the community.
Location: Olodan St

Police raid a lottery shop

Men of the Nigeria Police Force raid a lottery shop at Olodan, oke oja ijora. Reasons for the raiding were unknown as at the time of filing this report. Updates later.....
Location: Olodan St

Police Activity Route 50

There is some kind of police activity going on Route 50 West- in Chantilly, Va, There is about 4-5 cars pulled over and lots of blue blinking lights.
Location: Pleasant Valley Rd

Police Mount Patrol Van on Ore Road

The Nigeria police have been informed of the incessant robbery attack on passengers and commuters traveling from Benin to Lagos at the ore axis of the road. Therefore, the commissioner of police Edo state had deployed it men to patrol through the road to provide security for travelers, this morning a lot of police van and security agencies are seeing at almost every section of the road patrolling with their van.
Location: Benin -Ore Road

Townhouse on fire

there is a townhouse on fire behind Mercer Middle school. Firefighters responding
Location: Mercer Middle School