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There is a long traffic along Ibrahim Taiwo road, Ilorin. This is due to the recent congestion of cars coming along Ita-Amadu to Taiwo. There are two traffic officer presently controlling cars to reduce or minimize the traffic but its advisable cars take other route to avoid being hold up.
Location: Ibrahim Taiwo Rd


Three people were wounded critically when a signboard fell on them during heavy rains in Johar Town Lahore. They were waiting for transport at a bus-stop when the signboard collapsed on them. They were immediately rushed to the Hospital where the condition of two persons was said to be serious.
Location: Johar Town


Long traffic exist along olohunsogo - Geri alimi road due many people going and coming out of mandate market to get food stuff the awaited eid-il-fitr which is, insha Allah, holds tomorrow or next.
Location: Adewole Housing Estate

Excess Water Overflow the Road

The heavy rain fall that occurs in the early hours of today had resulted in the overflow of the drainage system that was constructed by the state government at one end side of the boundary road. The spillage of the overflow have rendered one end side of the road completely impassable throughout the day as the water is still trying to recede .
Location: Boundary Rd

Bike Stunts Go Wrong

Two young men aged 20, wounded seriously while their third friend received little injuries during stunt playing on motorbikes. Three friends left the Canal after taking bath early morning. On approaching Main Road, they started playing stunts on two bikes and their bikes collided with each other. They were rushed to nearby hospital after injuries.
Location: Darkhana