NewsPebbles Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good NewsPebbles submission?

A good pebble is any information that other people care about, but hasn’t appeared in the news yet. So for instance, “The fire truck just came to the office building at Main and 1st Streets in Ourtown, CO.” is a good pebble. “We saw two bears in Manhattan’s Central Park today” is also good.

Every pebble must have a location! Your pebble won’t be accepted if you don’t give the geographical location of the news.

Can I submit my organization’s upcoming events?

Please do! When you enter in an upcoming event, be sure and use the date and time fields to indicate when the event will happen.

How can we get our non-profit in the list of charities for NewsPebbles donations?

Please use the Contact form to email us with information about your non-profit, and we’ll talk about adding you to the list.

What is a “topic” and how does it work?

By choosing a topic, users can see news or events just for that topic, and can submit pebbles for that topic. All news from all topics is posted on the main home page.

Is the site moderated, or can anybody post anything?

The site is moderated, and offensive posts, duplicate posts, and posts that don’t follow our rules, posted here, (for example, posts about news that has already been on TV) will be removed. If a post offends you, please use the Contact form, here, to email us about it.

Can I get more information about any pebbles?

Yes, you can. Go to the pebble you want to learn more about, and fill out the ‘Request’ form. The person who submitted the pebble will receive an e-mail with your request.

Do I have to have an account to use NewsPebbles?

It’s better to create an account because then you can vote on pebbles, and track your pebbles, and the amount of money you’ve generated for your charities. Also, if you have an account then when people submit questions on your pebbles, you’ll receive an email with the question. You can still submit and read pebbles without an account, but you won’t get questions, and you can’t track your submissions.

Is there any limit to how much I can post?

NewsPebbles pays or makes donations to charity for original news and events from individuals, then distributes that information to news organizations. If there is not a large demand for certain types of news and events (like those from a particular geographic region), then you may be limited in how much information you can post and still receive payment, or generate donations.