Here’s How NewsPebbles Will Donate to TJ Colonial Athletics


To get us to donate money to TJ Athletics, just choose TJ Colonial Athletics from the list of charities, then add your news or event.

From the home page, click on the “Add News or Event” link.


That opens the form to add news. Start typing ‘TJ Colonial Athletics’ in the ‘Select charity’ box to select it.

Type in your news or event – anything is good! As long as its true, interesting to at least a few other people, and hasn’t been reported in the news yet.

Then submit your news, and we’ll donate $2. Come back every day with a new item, and after a month we’ll donate $60 to TJ Athletics!


You can add news without an account, but if you open an account you can track all the donations we make for you, and others will be able to contact you with questions about your news and events.

CLICK HERE to open an account, or click here to just add your news. If you have questions about how this will work, ask us here.

Why NewsPebbles is good for TJ

We think NewsPebbles can be a great complement to ongoing Thomas Jefferson fundraisers, because we are a fundraising option that doesn’t require any money out of pocket. We supply the money, while charity supporters just supply a couple minutes and their knowledge of local events. You can also raise funds from anywhere you have an internet connection, and there’s no end date – we’ll continue to donate as long as people continue to share news.

The best part is that as you’re raising funds, you’re sharing news that’s important to your community. There is a lot of local news associated with TJ that NewsPebbles wants to capture, including sports teams results (all of them!), upcoming special events, etc. We’d like TJ supporters to create pebbles about all these TJ happenings. We hope those same supporters will provide other local community news as well.