How To Participate in NewsPebbles

NewsPebbles has discontinued all payments and donations for posts.

How To Submit A Pebble
Click the “Add News or Events” link.

Type the news or event information into the “Description of News Event” box, and fill out “News Title” and “Location of News Event” boxes. Please try to be as specific as possible with the location – “5221 Elm Street, McLean VA”, is much better than “McLean VA”. If the location has a name (like “MacArthur Park”, or “Johnson Center for Dehydration Studies”), try the name and see if the address comes up.

Choose the news category that best fits the submission in the “News Category” drop-down box.

If the pebble is for a specific NewsPebbles topic, then choose the topic from the drop-down box. Otherwise, choose ‘Global’ for the Topic. You may choose more than one topic, like “Children’s Activities” and “Reston”, or “Vienna” and “McLean”.

If the pebble is an event that will happen in the future, select the date and time of the event. Otherwise leave those fields set to the default.

That’s it! Click the ‘Submit News’ button, and you’ll submit your pebble!

Rules for Submitting Pebbles
News must:
1) Be true and be recent – specify time if not in past 24 hours.
2) Have a location.
3) Be original. The information in the pebble must not come from any news media.
4) Be of interest to more than 50 people, and not solely about traffic or weather.

Upcoming Events must:
1) Have a US location. Pebbles from outside the US should contain news, not upcoming event information.
2) Be posted at least 6 days before the event, so people have a chance to make plans.
3) Come from primary websites (the site of the organization hosting the event), or from non-digital sources. Events must not come from an event aggregation site. If there’s space, include a link back to the source website.
4) Be a special event, not an ad for regular services, and not a regularly recurring event. If it’s some type of show or exhibit that will be open for a while, its good to enter the opening day and describe how long its planned to run.
5) Not come from major venues regularly hosting events with hundreds or thousands of people, because those schedules are widely published. So for instance, don’t submit events from places like Wolf Trap, Nissan Pavilion, the Warner Theater, etc.

How To Gain Site Privileges
NewsPebbles wants people to share news and events about their important topics. The more pebbles you submit and rate, the more privileges you gain on the NewsPebbles website. The Site Privileges page describes how to gain each new privilege.

Please Respond Promptly to Questions About Your Posts
NewsPebbles allows registered users to post questions on a pebble’s page. Those questions are sent to the pebble’s author by email. The author can then go back to the pebble page and post a reply to the questions. Please respond promptly if you receive an email with a question about a pebble you created.