Raising Kind & Compassionate Children
Category: Family
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A local preschool, The Learning Experience, Chantilly, helps instill values of compassion and giving back to others
In today's social climate it is important more than ever to do our ultimate best to raise caring and compassionate children! Here are a few tips from The Learning Experience, Chantilly / South Riding to help guide you through this journey.
As a parent, you know the excitement of imagining your child as the next President of the United States, or a successful entrepreneur, or a famous movie star. However, what most parents truly want is that our children grow to become good, caring people, regardless of their chosen profession.
There are several reasons why it is important to raise compassionate children. Compassion is esse

Location: The Learning Experience
Address: 4150 Pleasant Valley Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151, USA
Phone: (703) 378-7391